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Your Mine Direct Source for Plush Oregon Sunstone.

Plush Oregon Sunstone has been mined and collected since late 1800. We believe everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy and work with this rare top gem cutting rough and finished cut stones. Plush Oregon Sunstone has been collected for many years and is a very popular gemstone among artisans and collectors alike. With an increase in popularity and demand, don't miss your opportunity to buy this rare stone before the prices increase considerably. Plush Sunstone is a Copper Bearing Labradorite, Feldspar.

The Gemological world is calling it the next Tanzanite.

We are a mine direct source of Plush Sunstone. Double Eagle Mining Company operates over 200 acres of Oregon Sunstone producing Feldspar Basalt flows in the Plush Oregon area. We are located in the high desert of south central Oregon, just outside the town of Plush Oregon.