Faceted and Carved Oregon Sunstones For Sale

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All photos are taken with a digital camera and diffused lighting. The photos are untouched, NO photo editing, by software and we try to catch the true color of the stones as seen by the human eye. Oregon Sunstone has high scintillation which can still be enjoyed in lower light sources. This is one of the reasons for Tiffany and Company mining Oregon Sunstone in the early 1900's for a diamond substitute and the yellow diamond color and strong scintillation of the Yellow Champagne's and is how it got the nick name "Plush Diamond".

AAA Red Matched Pair 3.44ctw CS322
RARE AA Teal Tri-Color 10.16ct CS344
Regular price: $3,000.00
Sale price: $2,200.00
AA Teal Bi-Color Dichroic 4.78ct CS335
Regular price: $1,300.00
Sale price: $900.00